Monkey D. Luffy(モンキー・D・ルフィ)蒙奇·D·路飞 LoRa v1.0

epiCRealismHelper V1

Quartz sand acrylic painting v1.0

Cars hypercars V1.0

Britto Style Pop Art v1.0

Badass Cars Badass Cars

hairdetailer v1.0

Hyouka (Kyoto Animation / Kyoani) Style LoRA offset

RetroStyleV1 v1.0

CinematicStyleV1 v1.0

Cartoon Caricature Style V2

Detail Tweaker LoRA (细节调整LoRA) v1.0

epi_noiseoffset v2

FilmGirl 胶片风 Film Grain LoRA & LoHA VELVIA 2.0 LoRA

NeonPunk - 3D / neon style v1.0

Flashlight Photography v1.5.a

Neon Nouveau v1.0

SDXL Simpsons Style v1.0

wowifier V3

Hairstyles Collection Hi Top Fade

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  • Models can be used to create new fine-tunes by using the Advanced - Base tune dropdown in the new fine-tune form.
  • This feature is in beta
  • Fine-tunes results will generally be less similar to the original subject
  • Models are uploaded and published by the community, are subject to review, and may be removed at any time pending license and review.
  • To use LoRa use syntax <lora:token:multiplier>, e.g: <lora:nijiMecha:0.8> - multiplier should be between 0.1 and 1.0
  • To use Textual Inversion add the token to the prompt text or negative prompt.