AI model

$1.50 / fine-tune

Fine-tuning is the process of taking a neural-network AI model which is responsible of generating an image, and training with it with a new concept. The product of this process is a 4GB new model file which contains the knowledge of the new concept.

8 Images

$0.10 / prompt

Prompts are texts that are used together with the fine-tuned model to generate a set of images.

Each prompt defaults to 8 images


$0.40 / 100 frames

A video at 24 frames per second. Use frame: prompt to generate a video in the prompt text box.



  • super-resolution or face correction will default to 4 images.
  • Minimum credit-card processing amount is $5.00
  • When making a payment, the amount is added to your account balance. Usage is deducted from your account balance.
  • Models are saved for 30 days since the moment they become available.
  • Extended model storage - $0.50 per model per month.
  • Nude is not allowed.
  • Astria does not provide support for using external tools with the checkpoints however you can find some tips in our Pros page.
  • For non API users, a CompVis CKPT format checkpoint and HuggingFace Diffusers TAR are provided.
  • For API users, if you require a CKPT - please contact support.