• Upload 10-20 pictures of your subject. Preferably shot or cropped to 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • We recommend uploading 3 photos of full body or entire object + 5 medium shot photos from the chest up + 10 close ups.
  • Variation is key - Change body pose for every picture, use pictures from different days backgrounds and lighting, and show a variety of expressions and emotions. Make sure you capture the subject's eyes looking in different directions for different images, take one with closed eyes. Every picture of your subject should introduce new info about your subject.
  • Whatever you capture will be over-represented, so things you don't want to get associated with your subject should change in every shot. Always pick a new background, even if that means just moving a little bit to shift the background.
  • Super important - Pick a good className. Something broad that you could associate your subject with. What works best? We don’t know! Please experiment and share!
  • When constructing your prompts, always include "sks className" to represent the subject.