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动画人物(Cartoon characters)V2 v2.0

Diana (Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon) v1.0

动画人物(Cartoon characters) v1.0

海外休闲游戏(Casual games) v1.0

Darkness Lalatina - Konosuba Anime Character v1.0

Frankie Foster - (incl. cartoon style) - Foster's Home Character v1.0

Cheetara (cartoon character) | ThunderCats | ownwaifu v1.0

Stylized Cartoon Season1 v1.0

choomoranma illustration v1.0

Oppenheimer v1.0

欧美卡通插画(ouka_illustration) v1.0

Genevievegodbout(Children's illustration) v1.0

Jane Massey kid illustration v1.0

marcel marlier v1.0

Monument Valley-ArtStyle LoRA v1-Deliberate

Gond - Style v1.0

OC illustration v1.0

Pocahontas Disney Princess, by YeiyeiArt v1.0

Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Princess Disney, by YeiyeiArt v1.0

Yuffie Kisaragi (Final Fantasy VII) LoRA v1

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  • Models can be used to create new fine-tunes by using the Advanced - Base tune dropdown in the new fine-tune form.
  • This feature is in beta
  • Fine-tunes results will generally be less similar to the original subject
  • Models are uploaded and published by the community, are subject to review, and may be removed at any time pending license and review.
  • To use LoRa use syntax <lora:token:multiplier>, e.g: <lora:nijiMecha:0.8> - multiplier should be between 0.1 and 1.0
  • To use Textual Inversion add the token to the prompt text or negative prompt.