ZavyChromaXL b2

ReV Animated v1.2.2

SDVN6-RealXL Beautyface

MeinaMix V10

DreamShaper 7

Disney Pixar Cartoon Type A v1.0

Juggernaut XL Version 4.5

Realistic Vision V3.0 v3.0 (VAE)

Crystal Clear XL CCXL

epiCRealism pure Evolution V2

RunDiffusion FX 2.5D

XXMix_9realisticSDXL Test_v1.0

Realism Engine

RealVisXL V1.0 V1.0 (VAE)

DynaVision XL

Edge Of Realism EOR v2.0 fp16 Baked VAE

RealityCheck XL alpha1.1

epiCRealism pure Evolution V4

epiCRealism Natural Sin RC1 VAE

epiCRealism pure Evolution V3

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  • Models can be used to create new fine-tunes by using the Advanced - Base tune dropdown in the new fine-tune form.
  • This feature is in beta
  • Fine-tunes results will generally be less similar to the original subject
  • Models are uploaded and published by the community, are subject to review, and may be removed at any time pending license and review.
  • To use LoRa use syntax <lora:token:multiplier>, e.g: <lora:nijiMecha:0.8> - multiplier should be between 0.1 and 1.0
  • To use Textual Inversion add the token to the prompt text or negative prompt.