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Full body shot, ((panoramic style)), ((track and field circuit background:1.2)), (view of the race track:1.3), (running on the race track:1.2), (wearing a track and field tshirt:1.3), (wearing running shorts:1.2), (long shot in running shoes:1.2), (focused and ready expression:1.4), ((man:1.3), (natural lighting highlighting muscles), ((stadium floodlights)), Ultra HD, 8k resolution, photorealism, long shot, professional track and field athlete, (athletic runner aesthetic:1.2) <faceid:1166939:1.0>
Negative: Low-resolution image, ((poor posture)), cropped body parts, deformed figure, poorly framed photo, extreme closeup, unflattering angle, animated, comic strip design, elements out of frame, pixelated jpeg, rough sketch, cartoonish representation, abstract doodle, low quality illustration, (subpar, inferior, average:2), watermark, childish, unsuitable content, NSFW,
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Size: 608x760
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