Analog Diffusion

Training infoBranch: sd15


analog style film still of ukj man at a neon convenience storefront
Scale: 7.5
Steps: 50


(symmetry:1.1) (portrait of floral:1.05) a woman as a beautiful goddess, (assassins creed style:0.8), pink and gold and opal color scheme, beautiful intricate filegrid facepaint, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, art by greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha, 8k
Negative: cartoon, 3d, asian, ((disfigured)), ((bad art)), ((deformed)), ((poorly drawn)), ((extra limbs)), ((close up)), ((b&w)), weird colors, blurry
Scale: 7.5
Seed: 14327427
Steps: 30