Why isn't it free?

For each time we process your images to create fine-tune AI model, we do a heavy computation with high-end machines that are expensive.

My images are not generating

  1. Make sure that the fine-tune has completed training.
  2. Once in a while we might experience an unexpected surge in usage, or a problem in one of the servers. Generally prompts should generate within 2 minutes, and fine-tunes should be processed within 90 minutes. If this is not the case, please allow a few more hours for the system to recover.

I didn't get my images. Where can I see it?

Check out https://www.astria.ai/tunes and click on the tune thumbnail to see your results.

Can I get higher resolution pictures?

4K is now available in the prompt Advanced section

How do I download my pictures ?

Go to https://www.astria.ai/tunes and click on the tune thumbnail, hit download to save the pictures of each prompt.

I am not getting my images. What happened?

Fine-tuning takes up to 90 minutes, and then a prompt takes about 2 minutes.

You can check the ETA on astria.ai/tunes. The prompts will only be processed after the fine-tune is completed.

Generated images look weird. What happened?

  1. Dataset creation is the most important part of getting good, consistent results. Be sure to use pictures at least 512x512, without JPG compression, as artifacts such as motion blur or low resolution will get picked up by the training and appear in the images you generate.
  2. Make sure to include images with a normal background (for example, of your subject in a scene). Sometimes, using only plain backgrounds gives poorer results.

Can I download CKPT file and how do I use it?

  1. Once the fine-tune is done processing, you should be able to see a TAR and CKPT buttons in the fine-tune page.
  2. Check out the PROs page section or the discord for more info.

I would like to use your API for my service or app, would you be able to handle the load?

Currently, we are already powering a few big applications and should be able to serve a significant amount more. If you think your service will generate more than 1K fine-tunes a day, please contact support to coordinate.

What happens to my model, training pictures and image generations?

The entire fine-tune (including CKPT file, model, training pictures, generated images, prompts) is kept for 1 month, at the end of which it is all deleted. You can delete it at any time by clicking on the delete button in the fine-tunes page.

Can I extend my model beyound 30 days?

We're working on a new pricing model which will allow extending model to be kept for more than 30 days. In the meantime, models are not deleted. With that said it's important to understand that the technology keeps moving forward, model architectures changes, quality improves, picture sensors improve, and we change too.

What is Negative prompting?

See deep-dive explanation here on this page

What does the augment button do?

It extends your prompt automatically. To use it, simply provide start writing text and press "Augment" - It will add additional keywords to augment your prompt.

Can I train a model for more than one person?

You can train on "couple" and indeed we've seen amazing results for people training on couple. This is a bit harder, ideally requiring more images. Also it might be harder for the model to escape the "couple" and create more long-shots or complex scenes.