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fashion designer but (( sks dog )), at a modern design studio designing clothes, wearing a (( designer shirt and a jacket )), computer, notebook, coffee mug, picture frame, cinematic, octane render, 8k, professional photo, sharp focus on eyes, intact eyes, symmetrical eyes, realistic fur texture, intricate details, detailed fur, symmetrical, professionally retouched, elegant, high definition, professional lighting
Negative: deformed iris, human hands, deformed pupils, sketch, text, deformed ear, out of frame, low quality, jpeg artefacts, cross-eyed, wrinkles, wrinkled fur, red eyes, duplicate, mutilated, extra paws, mutated paw, deformed paw, deformed legs, deformed hands, mutation, deformed, extra limb, cloned face, disfigured, deformed face, malformed limbs, missing arms, missing legs, extra arms, extra legs, deformed objects.
Size: 512x640
HiRes fix
Controlnet IMG2IMG: depth (0.7)
Model type: sd15